Indra’s blog: Yellow Fields

Yellow Fields I know how lucky I am, how fortunate, to be living in the beauty that the Borders bring us. Driving up and down to work in Berwick, the landscape still amazes me every single day. But

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Indra’s blog: Judgement versus Sympathy

Judgement versus Sympathy Going to the dentist is unfortunately for quite a lot of people still a daunting task. Even though dentistry has changed so much over the years and the experience should be customer focused and surely

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Indra’s blog: The First Egg

The First Egg. Living in the countryside gives the never-ending opportunity and space to get closer to nature. So we got some quails. These little birds used to lay beautiful speckled tiny eggs from the day they arrived.

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Indra’s blog: Dedication

Dedication. I have intended to start a blog for a while. But there always seem to be more important things going on or the busy-ness of every day life takes over. However, it is here now, and I

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