Indra’s blog: About our surprise win!

Indra’s blog: About our surprise win!

Last Sunday was a very special day for us. It hardly could have gone unnoticed, but for those who have no idea what I am talking about …. We were nominated for two awards in the North East Beauty Industry Awards, got shortlisted as finalists and actually won the Dental Team Of the Year Award!

We have been nominated and short listed for several national awards before, had a fantastic night, but never actually brought the price home. Being short listed itself is already a fantastic achievement, so we were proud anyway, and winning it was the cherry on top of course. But beside the actual winning, this time there was another distinctive difference…. Which made it so very much special…. Which made us appreciate this award hugely. And that is…. We actually did not know.
Usually through one channel or another you would be invited to participate; we would have to submit some evidence before being nominated or short listed. This time around we had no clue the Award existed, being in its first year. Where others had been inviting their patients and/or clients to vote for them and to get them nominated, we did none of that. Our very own patients found out about this award and have put our practice forward and said nice things about us. Enough to get us short listed. At that point we were asked to submit evidence of what we do and who we are and how we do it. … and we won!

So, from here I just want to say a Huge and Big Thank You from the whole Berwick Smile Dental Care team, but especially from me. Because I know how fantastic my Team is, I know how hard we work on all aspects of this business to make it the best place it can be, I see our struggles and wins, I see my people grow as a person and in their profession, I see how we team up for each other, I know we have a lovely patient base and we just try our very best every day to make each and every one as comfortable as we can…… but for our patients to see all that too and recognise us for it….
So truly humbled and happy! Thank you everybody!


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