Indra’s blog: About a great cause!

Indra’s blog: About a great cause!

Where did I get myself into this time? Well, you have probably heard already. We are going to brave the Tyne Bridge Zip Slide to help raise funds for HospiceCare North Northumberland. The Tyne Bridge in Newcastle is an iconic structure and ZSUK has been delivering successful zip slides from the bridge for the past 6 years. The zip slide starts from the Newcastle side of the bridge, travels diagonally across the River Tyne for 230m before finishing at HMS Calliope on the Gateshead side of the river.

As a business we try to support local or dental charities of which we pick a few special ones. We have been supporting HospiceCare North Northumberland for a while in different ways; Contributing to making a difference to the lives of people living in North Northumberland with a life-limiting illness. When we heard of this fund raising event, we felt we had to participate. Well, that is Erin, Hannah and me. The others could think of a hundred safer things to do and will be supporting us from a good distance.

HospiceCare is North Northumberland’s ONLY local Hospice providing personalised care and support for patients, carers and families; so not just for the person suffering, but also for their loved ones. The incredible service can primarily be provided in their familiar surroundings, anytime day or night absolutely free of charge.
To meet the increasing demands HospiceCare need to raise over £525,000 every year with just 7.5 percent contribution from the NHS.

Unfortunately most of us will have lost a person close to them in one way or another to a life limiting disease. It is a horrible and heartbreaking experience to see the person you love or know deteriorate and eventually lose their fight. It is so important that they get the chance to spent as much time as possible in their own home, in their own safe environment, enjoying as many moments as they can with their immediate family and friends.

I know some of the staff members and volunteers of the charity personally and have seen how dedicated they are and how much of their time goes into this. It truly is money well spent as they have a tough job to do.

If you would like to see me/us fly and read more about it later, please donate here:
Fundraising zipslide for HospiceCare North Northumberland

Let’s raise some money and the Berwick Smile Team will fly over the river Tyne!

Indra x

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