Indra’s blog: About a Random Act of Kindness

Indra’s blog: About a Random Act of Kindness

Yesterday I arrived at work to learn that this Sunday, tomorrow, will be National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

The team had thought how great it would be to participate, but as we would be closed on the day itself, today would be the day we could do something for our patients. So, we got some lovely bunches of tulips (I am Dutch after all) and surprised my patients on the day. The ladies that were lucky, were really surprised and touched. One lovely patient even teared up. It just showed us that a Random Act of Kindness does not have to be the biggest thing in the world. It can be done by everybody every day and surely does not need a special day. Just to see these extra big smiles yesterday was such a great way to end this Term and start my holidays.

I hope everybody gets to do a Random Act of Kindness tomorrow. Imagine the little light you may bring to somebody’s life.  It would just make the world a little better I imagine….

Indra xx

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