Indra’s blog; About another little Wonder of Life

Indra’s blog; About another little Wonder of Life

Most of you will have heard or seen by now; We are very much blessed with the expectance of our third child. Telling our boys they were going to have another sibling joining them brought quite some confusion and hilarity.

My husband and I thought it was very funny when my eldest son ‘discovered’ that boys and girls had ‘different bits’. He then decided that all the men in the house had a ‘piengel’ so as they were all the same, they now had this club; the “piengel club”. Even though he did not say the word right, we just never corrected him. It means as much as the penis club, but it is a funny way of saying it in Dutch. With the new sibling on the way he obviously had to be a boy according to my eldest as there was space for another ‘member’ in the club and it was clearly not for me, being female. He got his way and it looks like I will not be getting a club of my own.

The baby already seems to fit in. According to the eldest he now has two brothers, one is 3 years old and the other minus zero. Child logic.

There clearly is another advantage. My youngest has found in this new arrival to be a confidant and he whispers regularly to my belly how naughty he has been and what he has done. Obviously thinking I am not listening, but all in all it turns out to be quite handy to know what he has been up to if I had not found out by now.

It is a very exciting time, but it also brings quite a bit of planning with it, from a private but certainly from a business point of view. For my practice and my patients it means we will be bringing in a new dentist to take over most of the general dentistry that I do while I enjoy some time with our new arrival. The ongoing cases that need my regular input (implants, braces and facial aesthetics) will continue as normal, but these patients might see some of their appointments being moved around a bit. We obviously try to minimise any inconvenience, while enjoying the new life that is going to be added to our family as much as we can.

To New Life!

Indra x

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