Indra’s blog; About Anxiety and Conscious Sedation

Indra’s blog; About Anxiety and Conscious Sedation

You might have been lucky enough to meet the newest addition to our vibrant team. Dentist Rheyah Vihahn has joined Berwick Smile Dental Care and started this week. She has nine years of experience as a dentist and by joining our team she has brought something very special to Berwick-upon-Tweed; conscious sedation! As you all will know by now we are always aiming to deliver the best quality treatment to our patients and are always going that extra mile. We are so proud to bring this as a first to Berwick, showing again that we can certainly compete with the big cities and there is no need to travel further afield for excellent dentistry. Being able to offer conscious sedation for anxious patients during dental treatment has been on our wish list for quite some time and bringing a sedation dentist in has made this a reality. We are already very fond of Rheyah and her very calming style and we can see why anxious patients take to her straight away. 

You might not have heard of conscious sedation before. According to the SDCEP the following definition of conscious sedation is widely agreed and accepted in the UK: A technique in which the use of a drug or drugs produces a state of depression of the central nervous system enabling treatment to be carried out, but during which verbal contact with the patient is maintained throughout the period of sedation. The drugs and techniques used to provide conscious sedation for dental treatment should carry a margin of safety wide enough to render loss of consciousness unlikely. 

Does this sound like it could be for you or for somebody you know? Have you been anxious and really ‘wanted to be knocked out’ when getting into the dental chair? This is even better, because, as the name suggests, the patient is sedated, but is still conscious. So, you will be made comfortable, totally relaxed and safe during a procedure, but will have very little recollection of the treatment.

Communication is possible if necessary, because even though you are completely relaxed and unconcerned, you are not completely unconscious at any point in time. In that way, Rheyah makes sure that you are in total control throughout.

Delayed going to the dentist, but feel you could be ready for this? Rheyah is now taking bookings for appointments. If you wish to book a consultation to see if this could be for you, contact the practice on 01289 305205.

Just another way that we are going further to deliver a high level of service to our patients. 

Indra x

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