Indra’s blog: About Becoming Hangry!

Indra’s blog: About Becoming Hangry!

Today we were sitting in a restaurant/pub and the boys were playing with a far-away-cousin and having a good time. Maybe a bit of a too good time as they were being a bit loud and cheerful. However, we were still in the bar-part and had ordered our food before going into the restaurant part, enjoying a drink. One of the waiters came to say that our food was ready and if we wanted to take our seats at our table. Off we went. Unfortunately, we then had to wait at least 20 minutes before the food was actually served. Big NO NO. As the kids were now at the dinner table, their minds were back at what we were actually there for: Dinner. They were expecting food now! And my eldest became really Hangry. It was not fun anymore. Clearly the waiter/cook or whoever’s idea it was to move us from a ‘happy place’ to a ‘waiting table’ either had no clue about kids or about being Hangry. No bonus points. 

One of the best portmanteaus in English for as far as I know is becoming hangry; hungry and angry. It is the state of being irritable because of hunger. 

Yes, my eldest son is one of those people that suffers from it badly now and again. He usually is the most lovely child you can imagine and then all of a sudden, just like that, he becomes really annoyed, upset and angry. And then we know…. He is HUNGRY. It took a while to figure it out when he was young and could not speak as he was so upset that he did not want to eat. It could take me forever to get him to start eating as he did not understand that this was what was actually bothering him. And as long as he did not eat anything it was only getting worse. But if he would just eat the smallest bite, he ‘got it’.

And he would eat more and within 5 minutes the giant monster would turn into this lovely little boy again. The power of food I would call it. Until I was enjoying one of my weekly preventative massages with my massage therapist Angela Huddleston (she is lovely and if you have not tried her massages, please do go and see her in Wooler and get yourself spoiled and sorted!). We were chatting away and in one way or another this behaviour and the power of food came up and she laughed and said: Oh, one of my girls has that too, she becomes Hangry as well. Hangry?! I had just learned a new word and it describes it so well; I just had to smile. What a fantastic word. So simple, but oh so tiring when it happens to your child in the middle of a restaurant. 

Enjoy your weekend!….. and your food!

Indra x 

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