Indra’s blog: About being a Smile-maker

Indra’s blog: About being a Smile-maker

About being a Smile-maker

Last week we had Chris, our business coach, visiting us in the practice. We were discussing all the things we do and how we can improve this. We were also talking about my blog and how I introduced the spoken version. He said it was actually like a podcast and I should really move on to that…. Obviously that sounded a bit scary, so I was a bit hesitant… as we humans can be if we face something new. So, I wondered how that would be and together with the management team we were brain-storming about it.

Chris then gave an example how he does it and how he would interview somebody and he tested it out on me to show us. The questioning started with who I was and what my profession was. I am Indra Rampersad and I am a dentist. Just a dentist? Well, officially my title here at Berwick Smile is that I am the principal dentist, practice owner and clinical director, I said with a cheeky smile towards Hannah, my manager (not her full title ;)) who is always trying to correct me to say the full thing. We all laughed. He then went on to ask me if I always had wanted to be a dentist.

And actually… I did… even when I did not realise it. My mum said how I, as a very young child, would always pick out somebody in a room or in the bus or whatever public place we were, who was not smiling or was hiding their smile behind their hands, and I would tell her that I felt sad for them and later…. I would make people smile again. Now, there are lots of ways to make people smile obviously, but clearly now it proves that I have taken myself very literally here.

The part I love most about dentistry is the transformational dentistry that we do and I know I have spoken about it before. Not just the full mouth make-overs that we often show you on our Transformational Tuesdays, but sometimes it can just be the change on a single tooth that does the trick. It is not so much the transformation of the actual mouth that makes my heart tick, it is the transformation of the person that carries the smile. Their burdon that turns into something they are not ashamed of any more. Their newly found self-confidence, the openness, their ability to smile to the world; that is the transformation that makes me love what we do so much.

This week, one of our lovely patients told us that she felt so much more confident, so much better and that she could finally sincerely smile a smile with her teeth on show. She is only a few months in her short-term orthodontics treatment. The change to her teeth is already significant, but we are not finished yet. The braces are still on, and even though not as visible as the metal ones that are out there as well, if you come close you can see the brace. But it does not bother her; her transformation is already there, even her partner told her. She smiles and the world around smiles with her.

She left my surgery to book her next appointment and I looked at my nurse Alison and we both knew; this is it, this is why we do it.

So am I a dentist? Yes, but….. Am I the principal dentist, practice owner and clinical director of Berwick Smile Dental Care? Certainly, however….. Most of all… I am a smile-maker, with all my heart!

Indra xx

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