Indra’s blog: About being Gender Neutral Friendly

Indra’s blog: About being Gender Neutral Friendly

This week I went to the Netherlands to deliver composite veneers in a practice in the Netherlands. I used the opportunity of being there to visit my sister-in-law’s new hair salon and get a bit of well-needed pampering done. As she has just opened her business, I needed to fill out some forms. I was pleasantly surprised to find that on her registration form was a specification for title that also included the option to choose to be gender neutral, beside the standard Mr or Mrs (Ms) titles.

We have had this discussion in practice with our team before. We use one of the biggest digital dental systems in the UK, however there is no option for patients to choose to be Mx. We have given the company feedback about this, but unfortunately as we are only a small drop in the big ocean of practices it seems it is “not possible” to change the system for us. Even trying to argue that it is not “for us”, but for a whole community in the UK that might feel misunderstood and not accounted for and really it should be standard in their system for every single practice in their whole system in the UK, we kind of hit a brick wall.

So, you all know how I like everyone to feel inclusive, even if it has nothing to do with me, and think as a practice we are. At least we try to be and sometimes, when we have to rely on others, it does not always go the way we would like it to be. But just so you know as well, if you regard yourself as gender neutral, you are welcome to leave that box blank. We don’t mind and we won’t judge. Even though the “big systems” are not all there yet, we keep trying until they do.

Indra xx

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