Indra’s blog; About Big Birthdays.

Indra’s blog; About Big Birthdays.

We all have them at some point; a BIG birthday. But what I have found is that it is different for everybody which age number is big to you, how you feel about it and how it is celebrated.

For a lot of people 21 is a big one, for me not so much. However, I found becoming 30 horrible; not the day itself, but the number. I celebrated in style with a friend who shares the same birthday, with a lot of Dutchies coming over from the Netherlands. It was really good, but the fact I lost my twenties made me feel really, really old and I found it a difficult number. The fact my lovely husband, who is four years younger, teased me for ages with my new age did not help.

What I did not realise was that the next 10 years were not so much going to be about ‘youth lost’, but about truly embracing adult hood; I moved from partying and student life to becoming a confident dentist with her own amazing dental practice that truly transforms the lives of some of her patients. I went from discovering love to marrying The One and bringing two beautiful healthy little boys in this world with one more on the way. I went from just having emigrated to a new country onto feeling home in both ‘my’ countries and from discovering new friendships to finding fantastic people around us to spent time and enjoy life with. I found a way to embrace missing my family and friends in the Netherlands and discovering that time spent together now is often so much more meaningful and true friendship survives time and distance (most of the time). I have done some fantastic travels even though a lot less than I used to be able to, which I discovered is actually fine as life does change. To me a plane is like a car now with the amount of times my family and I have been in one.

It has truly been a whirlwind these 10 years and I cannot imagine how I was not excited to start my thirties. Having lost a good friend by her choice just before my 30th was deeply emotional and has played a big impact in how I celebrated and look at life since. Everybody has deeps and lows in their life, some more than others; it is how you deal with them and who you have around you to catch you and give you that support that determines the outcome. I can look back at these years and be so so proud with where I am in my life with my lovely family and friends around me and I know that hurdles will come again and we will turn them into greater heights eventually.

Life deserves Celebrating and for my 40th birthday I really did celebrate BIG; I had three parties; one grand party for my UK friends including great food, chocolate fountain and a band in the Lady Waterford Hall; one small party on the actual day (week) with my boys and some of the closest people of my life in the AquaDome in CentreParcs; and the finale was a High Tea at the Schutskuil (where I worked for years) with 20 of my most important Dutch girl friends that marked my life from birth to where I am now.  I have only felt absolute joy to see so many amazing people fill my life. So, I truly thank all of you who wished me well, who celebrated with me, who danced with me, with whom I shared a cup of tea and a cake or had a bite at the chocolate fountain.

Life Deserves Celebrating. Enjoy your Big Birthdays; You can only be thankful they come your way. Bring on the next 10 years: I am Ready and I am Excited!

Happy Easter!

Indra x

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