Indra’s blog: About Changing Times

Indra’s blog: About Changing Times

So much has changed since we bought these premises about 10.5 years ago. It used to be the old veterinary surgery from Renton and Swans and is still known for it by some of you. Fortunately, we have not had anybody come in with an ill pet for a few years now, an occurrence that used to happen now and again in our early years. 😉

When my husband and I first came to view the building, it was very run down and smelly and it was very much in need of a full refurbishment. I could not see it becoming a dental practice. Until my husband took me back inside and started pointing at walls of the little rooms; That one could go, that could go, we can dig up this floor…. And so on.. 

This week we had one of my sisters over from the Netherlands and starting some dental work. It was so nice to show her the new part we opened at the beginning of last year and which she had not seen yet; The shed that we turned into our digital dental suite. It just made me think how times have changed again. Not for her dentistry-wise yet. She still does not like going to the dentist, even though her sister is one too. But for the practice. 

And slowly but surely, I could see it happening, I could see my very own practice unfold… 

It took 1.5 years to buy, get drawings, consent and have all the works done, the latter being the least of the trouble despite some set-backs in very snowy weather that according to my husband ‘never’ happened before, ….. but proved to be an almost yearly occurrence since…. I think he just did not want to scare the hell out of me for emigrating here…. It’s a good thing I drive a 4WD. 

And then there is THE CLOCK. There is only one non-digital clock in the building that works properly. All the other clocks either mysteriously stop working or start running behind/slower and never did that when they were hanging somewhere else. The never-failing clock is in surgery 1. The clock was there the first day we set foot in the building and it is the only thing we kept and that has not drastically changed from it being a vet to becoming a dental surgery. It reminds me of how far we have come and that even though you can do big transformations (whether dental or non-dental) some things just stay the same….

Maybe you have some good or bad memories of our building when it was the place you brought your beloved pet to and never had a chance to see the dental practice that it turned into. Don’t be shy, come and say hi, but please do leave your pet at home 😉

Indra xx

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