Indra’s blog; About Courtship and Babies

Indra’s blog; About Courtship and Babies

Usually when we have a patient in our dental chair receiving treatment my assisting nurse and I have a bit of a chat. Most patients like this and it takes their mind off. Some of them don’t and they will usually let us know. 

One of our longstanding patients that has been with us from about the start of Berwick Smile Dental Care was in the chair and she had a little chuckle to herself. She said she was just amazed how times had changed. Apparently, our conversations had changed over the years from talking about Courtship to talking about Babies. She had heard us go through the dates we had, the proposals, a wedding to several babies that are now growing up and are going to school. Is that not amazing? It also goes for us though. We love to see how patients’ lives change for the better; studies that get completed, marriage smiles we helped create, new babies get born, whether it be a grandchild or their own, beautiful holidays and so on. And we sometimes cry with them if it goes the other way; loss of a loved one, terrible illness and some lovely people unfortunately passed away. After having my practice in Berwick upon Tweed for almost 9 years now it’s so nice to see that cycle of life enrol. As we are a private practice we have more time for our patients, so we do take time to get to know them. Most of you we see every six months. Sometimes it is more intense when people embark on a greater treatment plan and the intensity of visits goes up. And it is just fantastic that we can be part of our patients’ life and they see a bit of ours. 

Last week we had a shift in the practice again. It was so lovely to have Cara back on a KIT (Keep in Touch) day and seeing her back in pink (uniform) now her maternity leave is coming towards its last few months. We also said goodbye to Erin, who has been with us for 5 years and has been our marketing champion for the past few years. Her family life has taken over now and we wish her all the best, but I am sure she will be around to catch up.

I cannot wait to see the next 10 years unfold. The practice is growing, our families are growing (up), our patients’ lives change and even though there will be some rain and thunder, we will do our best to be that ray of sunshine that we are known for regardless.

Indra xx

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