Indra’s blog: About dinosaurs and Inclusion

Indra’s blog: About dinosaurs and Inclusion

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays and have some time for yourself and the family. I have been amazed by the fantastic weather we had and even though some days have been a bit less, long may it continue. It is so much easier when the kids have so many weeks off when they can go out and about and be in the sun.

Like most people, we have planned some trips here and there and one of the BIGGER days out for us was to go and see the dinosaurs. Both our boys love the giants in all their glory. So, what was a better occasion than the spectacle ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ that came to the Metro Radio Arena Newcastle.
We can’t complain, but we Dutch are like the British and of course there is always something going on that keeps us talking 😉

In this case, it was three things. First of all, it must be said to start off, it was amazing! Both myself and the husband agreed the giants looked very real, even to us as adults. The people in charge of manipulating the animatrons were hidden in little carts under the dinosaurs and it just was very well done. Seeing them move and hearing them roar, the boys were in awe.
Secondly, there we go, it was way too hot. Clearly there was no temperature control in the Arena and it was as if the dinosaurs had brought the desert and it’s accompanying heat as well. It took ages to get some drinks and little man was literally mainly saying water, water, water, please water as if we had not fed or watered him for five years. Fortunately, he did not get dehydrated and even though the muttering might have suggested otherwise, he did survive. However, it has to be said, he spent quite a large part of the show lying on the stone floor, as it seemed the only way he could cool himself down. Now and again lifting his head up to see the next amazing wonder of robotic computer science, but the big bottle of water and a cold stone floor seemed to be more appealing to him, which was a bit of a shame after forking out the amount of money that even his (unused) seat as a 2-year old had cost.
Thirdly, I was happily surprised to see that on one of the sides at the front of the podium, there was actually somebody speaking sign language and signing the story that was told on stage. What a great way to get people included. Of course, there were also the special spaces for wheelchair users, but I thought this was really going the extra mile.
It made me think of us, here at Berwick Smile Dental Care, and how we like to include all people as much as we can and make everybody feel welcome in our practice too. Even though I cannot speak sign language, we do have some patients affected by hearing loss and deafness that visit us. We can proudly say that we have never had a problem with not understanding each other. Often these patients can lip read, so we take our mouth masks down if we are going to say something. This sounds really logical, but in the real world it might get forgotten about as dental professionals are so used to speaking with them on during treatments. We have aids that we use for everybody; we like to draw difficult things out or use the explanatory little videos and animations that we have on the computer to make things more clear. For some treatments we have little models that we show, for example for braces and implants and there are all the different brochures and leaflets that explain about treatments too.

And absolutely mega important are our patient care coordinators, Tamsin and Alison, to all our patients.
They have a nice room to be able to take a patient separate from the clinical environment and give them all the time they need to talk through everything again and show previous similar cases like theirs so everybody does really understand what their options are.
Regarding access we have our disabled accessible toilet and a wheel chair accessible ground floor surgery.

Let’s all try to make the lives of the people around us as easy as we can. Inclusion is so important, for everybody.

Wishing you all a lovely Summer and hoping for beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine, even here in Berwick. If that does happen, don’t be surprised if you see a beautiful little boy with his pretty face stuck to a cold stone floor, it is probably my Alexander trying to be less hot.


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