Indra’s blog: About Jobs and Perception

About Jobs and Perception.

Do you do that, when you see someone doing ‘their thing’ and you just think; ‘Oh My…. am I glad I don’t have to do that!’. For me that is a job like the one of the person that pushes the trolley through the train with drinks and snacks. It is great, sure, as I usually end up ordering something, because when I am in the train I am in there for a long time. Really glad that person is there, usually with a lovely smile on their face. But to me it looks like they are having to fight their way past suitcases and bags in the aisles… Nope, not for me. Or for instance, a podiatrist; working on smelly feet…. again, not for me. People that are on the road all day; I would honestly fall asleep and become dangerous. Not for me.

Well, most of you are probably laughing by now and you already see which point I am going to make…. Obviously I get told that of my job ALL THE TIME; ‘I can not believe how you can work in dirty mouths’, or ‘with all the blood’, or ‘hurting people, you must be a sadist’, or ‘cope with smelly breaths’ and so on. Let alone the ‘I hate the dentist, it is not personal, but I really hate it!’ It seems like not many people can understand why we love what we do.
Of course, I am the first to agree, if I get that little kid in the chair that is crying his eyes out, because he is in pain and I have to do any work to relieve it, I am certainly not having the best day at work, but things will need to be done to make them feel better and for him and his parents to get some sleep at night. If somebody comes in with loads of pain and it is acute and the only way to help them is to keep going to make sure they can leave painfree, we ‘feel’ your pain. But the joy comes when you make a life changing difference to a person; somebody that came in anxious and isolated from embarrassment about their teeth, did not dare to go out or smile or put that job application in afraid for another rejection and we then turn that around. With compassion, with team work, with skill, with determination and passion, by taking time and making sure that person feels in control and then… when that person comes back in and you can almost ‘feel’ their transformation. When they are able to smile to the world, maybe landed themselves a new job or a partner, dares going out and be who was hidden behind something that went out of their control… my team and I get the reward that makes our heart beat a bit quicker. Proud for how far they have come and proud of what we achieved. That’s why we do what we do! With a smile!
It does not always have to be that big. It can just be that somebody that always has a cavity, comes out of a routine examination with no work needed; we applaud them! And we are proud, because our work is paying off! We have so many happy moments where a team member will just ‘pop in’ to have a quick look of the result, because it is a team effort!

So, I will end with the phrase that I used in my opening speech of the practice almost 7.5 years ago and is still so valid today: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! (Confucius). And it shows, as we are all different, everyone will have to find the thing that fits them. I am only just so glad, I have found mine!


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