Indra’s blog: About long-time meetings

Indra’s blog: About long-time meetings

I am very much excited. When you read this I am probably on my way to see two of my sisters.
One of them still lives in the Netherlands, where we are born, and is flying into Edinburgh where we meet up to fly to Boston, United States, together to visit our other sister that has her home there.

The Netherlands is not too far away, only 1-1.5 hours flight time, and I am able to go over quite regularly. It is a good combination to still do some work there and get a chance to meet up with some family and friends along the way. For our boys, who I try to bring over whenever possible, it is also a good immersion into the Dutch language, their heritage and to be able to play with their big cousins, who really are like brothers to them, despite the distance.

As you can imagine we do not get to see my sister that lives in the United States a lot. It has been a year since I was there and I am not sure how long it has been since the other two saw each other. Of course, we now have whatsapp, facetime and all the other possibilities that the digital age brings and that really brings the whole world closer together. It does. However, being able to actually give each other a hug and do our sisterly evenings that turn into nights of chatting with lots of cups of tea and, dare I say, a bit of chocolate is something the digital world cannot replace.
I can tell you the USA sister and her husband are excited as well. It is not very often that their family and friends get to go over and come and visit them. She made us an app, United Sisters of America, as a joke, and it says it all. Because United we are, the sisterhood of the Rampersad girls cannot be stopped by some worldly boundaries 😉

Of course, I was thinking, will I quickly whiten my teeth and have a bit of a touch-up before I go. We want some nice pictures don’t we…. And I really did not take the time to get myself sorted, but it’s OK. She will not mind and my teeth are white enough. But I so get it why sometimes patients come into the practice and just want to get ready for their special something. Whether it is an upcoming wedding of yourself or your child, whether it is this reunion party of old class mates, whether it is a big birthday, it really does not matter.
If there is a timeline we try to get you sorted before the time is up. If there is no timeline, we follow your lead in whatever is comfortable for you. Some people like long appointments and quickly get it over with, some people like small appointments over a longer period of time. And sometimes it is just not even that complicated and it’s done in the blink of an eye. Whichever one is you, if there is a desire to upgrade your smile, we are here to help!

Wishing you all a great weekend! Hope it will be as exciting as mine…

Indra xx

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