Indra’s blog: About making my blog more accessible

Indra’s blog: About making my blog more accessible

Here it is: The first spoken edition:

We always like to improve wherever we can. We realise we are not perfect, but will try to do our utmost for everybody to come as close as possible.
Recently one of my nurses Alison told us that her mum had said she would really love to read my blog, but found the font color that I use for the blog too light. This made it difficult to read it on her iPad. I was really surprised, as it comes out very clear on my MacBook, but do love the feedback as I can’t improve something if I don’t know what is wrong with it. We had a little discussion about this and one thought led to another when the mention was made: it’s probably a crazy idea, but why don’t you record it, she said with her biggest smile. (Alison always has the biggest, most welcoming smile on her face by the way). She had a big laugh and walked away as there was plenty of things to do to get on with. But I did not have to think long. It is actually an amazing idea. A brilliant idea. Instead of changing the font color, which is part of our brand colors, why not go a step beyond? We have patients that are visually impaired and we have patients that are illiterate. So, there will be people that might like to read my blog and have similar issues, but they actually can’t read it now.

When we talked a bit more, I thought well, but who wants to listen to this Dutchie rambling on about her thoughts. Then the mention was made by Hannah, that a spoken version would give our patients and fans an even better idea of me. You might look at my picture, read in my bio that I am Dutch and think…. She might be a great dentist, but will I actually be able to understand her? Does she speak clear English? Will she understand me? She might be ‘writing this blog’, but who says she writes it herself? There is plenty of staff, they probably do it for her. Or one of those social media agencies… To get that myth out of the way. We are in full control of our own social media in every way or form. Our marketing champion Erin is the big brain behind most we do and she is in charge of our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. All of the staff are helping her find content and try to give her ideas and material to work with. And the blog…. That really is me. Mainly because I really enjoy doing it and I love it when somebody took the time out of their day to read it. I come up with the ideas, I write it, edit it, find the images for my blog that I feel are appropriate and then…. I post it.
It is called Indra’s blog, because it just is really me. And from now on, I am going to read it out to you as well. So, if you are a reader, you can read it, but if for any reason you are not or you just prefer the spoken version, you can now listen to me. I hope it helps…

A special mention and thanks to granny Marg for helping us improve.
If you have any ideas or something to mention, please let us know, as it might help us get a light bulb moment to get better at doing what we love and improve the experience for you!

Indra x

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