Indra’s blog: About mental health and understanding

Indra’s blog: About mental health and understanding

It has been 10 years since I lost a special friend. So, in her honour a blog or two about her and important things. To the whole world, it looked like my friend had everything going for her. She was remarkably beautiful, intelligent and kind, while sporting a lovely and handsome partner by her side. She was sporty and fit. Being a dentist she had a great job with good pay and they had bought their own house. All brilliant you would say. Indeed, except for the fact that she was not happy and could not understand why. She usually managed to play down having mental health issues.

The last time I saw her alive was when she came to the UK with other friends, to see my new home. I asked her, one on one, when she came back from an early morning run, if she was really OK? I am. Really! She smiled her mega smile and convinced me. And looking back, at that moment she was. I hope.
I have thought back of that moment uncountable times. Was she really, was it a mask, what was going on in her head? Was she already planning, had she already made her mind up? There will never be any answers.

A few weeks later my husband and I were in Nepal, doing dental voluntary work, in the most humble of settings. We had a few days off and we had gone for the day to go para-gliding.
When I was in the air, with a tandem-jump, the most amazing big eagle started circling us. It was peaceful, it was powerful, it was an absolute astonishing sight. It seemed to stay with us forever, calming and curious…

When we returned to our hotel I got several phone calls. The most horrific moment of my life. My dear friend had taken her own life. The medication was not set right and the burden of life became too much. However, I feel she came to say goodbye… high up … in the sky.
An eagle for short, an angel for ever.

I am very lucky not to have mental health issues of my own. However, like most of you, I have family, friends, colleagues and yes… patients too that do and might need our support. Never judge or assume somebody is OK. I just want all to know: You are never a burden, you are wanted in this world and if you need help I will be there! My team and I are always approachable if you need a talk.

On a more professional level, we also have the in-house support of Davina Elsen, who provides psychological therapies (including but not limited to Emotional Freedom Technique Counselling, Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy). Davina is amazing and has helped many people find themselves back after a difficult time or when being stuck. You can find more about her on the website here.

Forever in our hearts, but never forgotten…

Indra x

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