Indra’s blog: About Missing my Dutchies

About Missing my Dutchies

I often get asked: “So do you not miss your family and friends back in the Netherlands?” It will come as no surprise that the answer of course is that I do. Leaving the Netherlands to come to the UK to be with the love of my life was a decision made from the heart. It did not mean I did not have fantastic friends or family I loved a lot. I had a beautiful home and a job I loved going to every single day with lovely patients that appreciated me and liked coming to see me for as far as that is possible with a dentist/patient relationship.
Since having kids it is harder too. The family do not see them as often as they would want to and neither do I see my nephews and niece as often as I would want. Fortunately there are things like Skype and WhatsApp and we can video call. Social Media like Facebook keeps us up to date with life changing events up to a certain degree, but is an easy way to keep in touch with a lot of people. These advances of the time bring the whole world a lot closer and it is so easy….

I am fortunate enough the Netherlands is not THAT far away and I usually get a chance to go across the sea every month or two most of the time. However, it comes with a dilemma. Who do we see and who do we tell? Where-ever we go and who-ever we see, we usually arrive too late, leave too early and don’t stay long enough. So therefor we usually don’t let a lot of people know we are there, so when we do get a chance to meet up or bump into someone we have not seen for a while, it is GREAT. It works two ways. Sometimes you try to see someone, but they already have made other plans, so bad luck. Usually it works out and gives less stress as with the tight visit schedules I tried to hold on to in the beginning. Especially with the kids… a schedule usually does not go to plan anyway.

We do get something very special in return though…. When friends and family visit us now, they have time. It is a bit of a holiday to be here. Let’s be honest. We live in such a fabulous location that, weather-permitting, it is absolutely breath taking if you are used to a flat country-side. So usually they don’t stay for an hour or two, but more for a day or two upto a week or two. Our guest bedroom is a very well used space in the house. And we love it. If you get to spend real quality time with your friends and family, you really get to know them a lot better. It is so precious and memories are made. Not everybody is in the position to be able to come and visit us and stay, but the ones that do, usually come back…..

Indra x

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