Indra’s blog; About Moral Support

Indra’s blog; About Moral Support

As most of you will know I have two sons; one is six years old, the youngest is almost three. They do most things together, sort of. They go to school together, even though once inside the building the eldest goes to the room for year one after a big hug with the younger one, who I then drop off at the preschool.  Of course, they play with friends, but most of the time when there is no school they either play together or are in each other’s vicinity.

Yesterday, I took one on my way to do shopping and tick off my task list, while the eldest went with my husband to go and do big boys things. Usually one of us would take both of them, so this rarely happens. My little one regularly was looking for his big brother. When we got out of the car: Mama, where is he? When we entered the shop: Mama, where is he? When we came to a friend’s house: Oh mama, my brother would like to come here too. It was quite touching. He was not unhappy or sad, but he was just constantly very much aware that his big brother was not with him.

I can only so imagine that when he has a big life event or a difficult challenge he would just want his brother to be there. We often see that in surgery. For some people who find it really hard to come and see a dentist and finally got the courage to make an appointment with us, sometimes after years of struggle, they just like to have a bit of moral support. And we don’t mind: Bring a friend, bring your sibling, bring someone you trust, bring the one that makes your appointment easier for you. We truly don’t mind and if anything, it makes it easier for us to help you.

Indra x

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