Indra’s blog: About Mothering Sunday

Indra’s blog: About Mothering Sunday

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday in the UK, often called Mothers’ Day now. We usually celebrate our mother and give her a gift. My boys have been excited all week and I kind of know where they have been hiding the special card they made at school as keeping a secret is a difficult thing. The youngest found it really hard not to open it himself on bringing it home, but we managed to stop him and hide it for him until the day has arrived.

In most of the world Mothers’ Day is not celebrated tomorrow, but on the second Sunday of May, this year the 12thof May. You probably know why we have a different day altogether, but for the Dutchies reading my blog: Our Mothering Sunday in the UK is on the fourth Sunday of Lent and was actually to visit your ‘Mother’ Church, but as that became less popular, it has transformed towards a celebration of Mothers’ Day as most of us know it now.

The school celebrated it with a church service yesterday morning. All the kids did really well and they sung their hearts out. What I found particularly touching was how Mothering Sunday was explained. According to the vicar it was not just about the mothers, it was actually about all the mothering people in your life! So, this could be your dad, your grandma or grandfather, your neighbour…. Anyone who was caring for you, was mothering towards you. Much better, especially for those who do not have their mum in their life any more. 

So, to all of you I hope you have a wonderful Mothering Sunday tomorrow; a celebration of  love really for all the people that are there for you!

Indra xx 

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