Indra’s blog: About my Two Countries and Double Cheering

Indra’s blog: About my Two Countries and Double Cheering

Last weekend we saw the advantage and the complete ends of being able to cheer for two countries. As many of you know I am from the Netherlands, but have been a happy resident of the United Kingdom for over ten years. I consider both my home in many ways. I have my friends in both and am building a family of my own in the UK with all existing family in the Netherlands. So, if there is a game on between my countries I will cheer for both.

The Eurovision Song contest is quite a thing in the Netherlands, even though we had not won for 44 years. The odds beforehand were quite in favor of Duncan Laurence, who came out for the Netherlands, but that does not always mean a lot. We have been there before.

I happened to be in the Netherlands on my yearly girl weekend with my friends from university. We were out and having a bit of a dance when it was announced Duncan was on 6th place, so we kinda had given up hope. It was not until one of my UK friends texted that he was moving towards second place that we knew the odds were changing again. We went to the nearest pub with a live broadcast just in time to see him win. The crowd went wild and it was so nice to be there when it finally actually happened. Who knows if that will be another 44 years in the making.

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Sometimes it is just great to be in the right place at the right time. It does help if you are cheering for two countries; With one coming first, it did not matter that the other came last, it was just an overall win. And the best bit…. To see my UK friends being genuinely happy for my other country to bring in the prize and cheering with me.

Enjoy the long bank holiday weekend!

Indra xx

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