Indra’s blog: About not being properly prepared

Indra’s blog: About not being properly prepared

Last week you might have missed a blog. It was the boys’ holidays and we were enjoying some days together on the sunny island of Tenerife. The internet was crap, so I left the blog for what it was. 

Towards the end of the holiday we thought it was time to get a bit of culture in and as my eldest loves volcanos we went to visit El Teide. As we did not feel like sitting in a bus and following the main stream we just got a taxi there to find out all tickets of the day had been sold out. That certainly was a disappointment. Apparently, you could have pre-booked tickets online, but I had not checked that option. I did not think, as it was not even the busy time of year, there was an option it could sell out. I also did not think that it could be very cold up the mountain as I had heard of people baking an egg on top, so I was just assuming the whole volcano would be a bit roasty toasty. Silly me. Where did that intelligent woman go? Well, I surely was in holiday mode. In the end, it turned out to be a good thing there were no tickets as the other people that had been properly prepared for the 2 degrees Celsius and the 60 km/hour winds on the top were fully dressed in mountain gear with hats and scarves. We probably would have nearly died of hypothermia.

Fortunately, we are a very positive family. We had a nice bit of cake on the look-out point and immensely enjoyed the views. Hey, it was not the top, but it certainly was pretty. We also walked around the Teide National Park to see all the different colours stones and rocks, that had been affected by the lava. It was great!

Had I been properly prepared, our day would have looked differently, that’s for sure. It just shows that the internet has now become such an important part of our lives and the way to gather the information we need. As a practice, we have quite an active presence on the internet, with our social media, my blog, our website, the monthly Newsletter and so on. It is important to us to keep everybody that wants to know informed and get everything updated regularly. We are very busy on working on our new website as the current one is already fairly outdated. 

We are excited about the daily things we do and love to share them, doing our best to make sure that you can find all you might want to know about us! And if it’s not here (yet), whatever it is, you can always send us a direct message on Facebook, an email or …… yes … it might sound old-fashioned, but …. here goes…. just give us a phone call. We have some lovely ladies on the other side ready to help you!

Indra xx

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