Indra’s blog; About our Christmas party and the flowers in my practice

Indra’s blog; About our Christmas party and the flowers in my practice

Tonight, we celebrated our annual Christmas dinner. I am sure all of you know what that is like; A combination of good food, copious drink (whether alcoholic or not), bit of Secret Santa and lots of laughter. You might have seen some fun pictures on our social media.

It is the same every year really; A few weeks before the night we draw names and then the fun really starts. Trying to find out who has who becomes a quest on itself and then to think of what to buy for yours. Some names are easier than others, but when the night arrives it proves that everybody got it very right. We have laughed is an understatement, we have LAUGHED seems more appropriate.

In the Netherlands it is done similarly, however there you would write a very cheeky poem to accompany the gift…. It might be a bit too straight to the point for the British, but trust me, it makes it even better when you get the hang of it.

This night was extra special though. As my team had secretly got me an extra surprise. A thank you for being an amazing boss; a spa-break to enjoy with a friend. A bit of relaxation for this busy bee. And it is so so much appreciated. It really was the cherry on top of such a wonderful night.

Then one of my ladies shared she was happy she got to be my David Beckham. What did she mean by that you might think. She reminded us of when she just started to work for me. We had a coaching session, where Chris, our coach, shared a story about David Beckham in his early career. Instead of buying star players from another club, Beckham was given a chance by United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Even though Beckham was not the obvious choice, Ferguson put his trust in him (and some other young players). The rest of the story is history. David Beckham became a key player in the sport. My coach was trying to make the point that sometimes choosing differently can be risky, but it can also become something really worthwhile. My nurse then asked if she could be my David Beckham, and I had said yes. Now, two years in, she said she knew she had not been the obvious choice then and there was a lot to learn when she started which was overwhelming at times, but nevertheless she turned out to be my David Beckham. And she really is.

One of my other staff members once said to me: You help us grow. You water us.
That made me as proud as tonight. Because it is true. I try to see the potential in my team members. Always. Within the garden that is my practice I try to plant all different sorts and kinds of personalities, who do get along but are different, so we can complement each other. So we can help each other grow and be a team. I try to get the very best out of each of them, find their unique ability, find their quality and make my flowers bloom. And they all do it on their own terms and in their own ways when they are ready. First there was just me, but now there is also Hannah, the business and development manager, to support the individual. And as “the boss” you just hope your staff know how much you appreciate them and invest in them. Those words of my ladies and the gift of my team tonight show me they do. They know.

We surely are a special bunch! If you have not come across “my garden” yet, I invite you to do so. My colourful team are quite something, a force to be reckoned with. Supporting each other and our patients and as you will know by now…… with lots of laughter to go with that. Because good dentistry does not have to be quiet or boring.

Indra x

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