Indra’s blog: About our offspring and all that’s hereditary

Indra’s blog: About our offspring and all that’s hereditary

I can hardly believe it. Summer holidays are all gone and our most precious are back to school. First day school pictures are taken again so we can, all going well, compare in a few year’s time and say that they grew up so fast.

As we all do, I posted my beauties to Facebook and could not be less surprised for people commenting on how much they look like their parents. In our case, it is quite distinguishable as the eldest is a spitting image of my husband; blond, blue-eyed and clearly going to be tall. The youngest is my little mini-me; darker skin tone, brown hair and eyes. Both have features of both parents, but they are very different. It is unbelievable how genetics works.

Last week I was sitting in the car with my youngest, when he was singing a song. He likes to sing either ‘Happy birthday’, ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Twinkle Little Star’, which is very cute, but always just a bit too loud and, not less important, very much out of tune. Again, showing he really is a product of his parents as both of us were not born with a talent in singing what so ever. Isn’t it remarkable.

And I can keep going on and on with these examples. The older they get, the more you see of yourself in your children; the way they look, the way they do or say things. Than can be good and bad, but either way, it keeps amazing me.

Of course, the same goes for the mouth. Squint teeth or a gap, missing teeth or some extra ones….reverse bite or a huge over bite. See something in the kids, look at the parents and it is often clear where that came from. The good thing of teeth though is that we can often change it if you and/or the child does not like it…… and yes, that goes for the both of you! We are more than happy to help and change the smile you were given to the smile you like to have. Just a phone call away…

Enjoy and be amazed by all your similarities and differences!


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