Indra’s blog: About our Transformation Tuesday

About our Transformation Tuesday

Petrina first came to us because she was unhappy with the positioning of her teeth. She had multiple things she didn't like about her smile but like so many of our patients she didn't know what treatment options were available. Petrina fully put her trust in Indra and took her advice on everything. Her treatments included adult orthodontics and tooth whitening. The process was long and took several months to complete but Petrina was fantastic and is overjoyed with the results.  If like Petrina you are unhappy with your smile but dont know what treatment options are available, please contact the practice today and see what we can do for you.  #berwicksmiledentalcare #berwicksmile #transformationtuesday #cosmeticdentistry #adultorthodontics #toothwhitening #patientjourney #happypatient #beautifulresults #beautifuldentistry #welovewhatwedoI absolutely love these transformation programmes. You know, where somebody that almost has been hiding in a cave is magically being transformed into a beautiful swan. This does not have to be teeth related only. Usually it is the whole shebang. Hair, make-up, clothing, even surgery can be part of it. Remember Ten Years Younger? Or some of the episodes of Embarrassing Bodies? That is a tricky one though. It must take a lot of courage (or money) for a person to come out of their dark place and then show the thing they have been hiding (which can be AAAAAANY body part), even not showing their own doctor that they have been seeing their whole life or the person that they lie in bed with each night, to the whole world on national telly. Exactly. You just think…. Why not see your own GP first? Beside that… they do show you the most amazing transformations of things you did not know even existed. And to be honest, you hope they will nèèèever happen to you.

Julie first came to us because she was unhappy with the gap in between her front teeth. For a very long time she had avoided cameras due to low self esteem and confidence because of her smile, but when her daughter announced that she was getting married, Julie knew she had to take action. She made it very clear that she did not want braces which meant orthodontics was off the table. Indra respected Julie's wishes and instead offered to close the gap using porcelain crowns and composite veneers. Julie went ahead with the treatment and as you can see the results were stunning. Julie said the biggest compliment she gets is how natural they look and cannot stop smiling.  If like Julie you have a special occassion coming up and you want to be able to smile with confidence in the photographs, please contact the practice today and see what we can do for you.Transformation wise; You name it, we love it here at Berwick Smile. Why? Because we are pretty good at doing dental transformations ourselves, if I may say so myself. Well, fortunately our patients think so too 😉
To see a person come out of their shell and transform into their real self is the best thing of the dentistry we do. I have written about that in a previous blog (here).

Erin, our marketing champion and social media genius, has been showing off some of what we have been doing online. Of course, these patients have allowed us to do this, otherwise we would never share any personal details. Some of our patients have even proposed to use their before and after pictures to us themselves, because they were so delighted. We love when that happens.

Emma first came to Berwick Smile after we were recommended to her by a family member. Her main concern was the dark colour of her teeth but she was also aware that other treatment was required. With Indra's guidance and support Emma decided to go ahead with the recommended treatment plans; designed not only to give her beautiful teeth but to also stabilise her oral health. As you can see the end result is absolutely fantastic and Emma is over the moon. When asked how she felt about her overall treatment journey she said "All the staff are very friendly, I love the results, I love my new smile, thank you!" If you love looking at these things too, keep your eye out for our Transformation Tuesday posts on Instagram and Facebook. We usually show you only the mouth, but let me tell you… behind all these pictures is such a proud patient and that shows …..
It is not just showing what we can do as a bit of entertainment of course. It shows new patients what they can expect. You might identify yourself with one of the before pictures and never thought the after would be a possibility. It opens up a world to some. You don’t know what you don’t know until you have been shown! A New You can be around the corner!

So hereby a link to our Instagram (here) and our Facebook (here). We would love your likes and a follow of our pages! We will keep those Transformations coming in!

So this week has been extremely busy here at Berwick Smile Dental Care so unfortunately we missed our #transformationtuesday but here it is just in time for the weekend. This is Caitlin's story.   Caitlin first came to Berwick Smile Dental Care because she felt the small size and positioning of her teeth were effecting her confidence. Prior to her appointment Caitlin had already researched different treatment options and was quite interested in veneers. Indra gave Caitlin the option of Porcelain Veneers or Composite Veneers and also advised tooth whitening as part of her overall treatment plan. (Veneers and crowns of any type can not be whitened as they are not natural teeth). Caitlin decided to go ahead with Composite Veneers and Tooth Whitening. On completion of treatment she was over joyed with the results. Describing her Berwick Smile Experience as "Amazing!" Take a look at her before and after photos, the results are beautiful but Caitlins new found confidence to Smile is the best result of all.   If like Caitlin are unhappy with your smile and whether you know what you want or don't have a clue we will be more than happy to help. Please contact the practice today and let's see what we can do for you.  #berwicksmiledentalcare #berwicksmile #transformationtuesday #sorryitslate #cosmeticdentistry #compositeveneers #toothwhitening #newfoundconfidence #patientjourney #smiletransformation #happypatient #beautifulresults #beautifuldentistry #welovewhatwedoLast, but not least, a VERY BIG THANK YOU to our amazing patients that give us their trust into partnering with us for their transformational journeys, however big or small these might be! We absolute love doing the dentistry that we do together with you!

Indra x

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