Indra’s blog: About peak foliage and leaf-peeping.

Indra’s blog: About peak foliage and leaf-peeping.

As most of you will know my youngest sister lives in Boston, USA. Twice while visiting I have been privileged to be a leaf-peeper. I find it such a funny word. Leaf peeping means that you go out to enjoy (view and photograph) the foliage when the leaves change colours, mainly in northern New England and the upper Midwest. It is the most amazing sight. In Autumn (fall for the Americans) the trees change colour almost like a wave that comes by. Green turns into red, orange and yellow before it goes brown. What I understand is that it is very weather dependant when it happens and therefor can be very sudden, coming up in one area more than in another. It is also only a matter of days in some cases and therefor you have to be really quick to be part of it, especially if you want to see the peak. There are complete websites for leaf-peepers to keep track when to be where to be able to make the most of it.

The first time we rented a car and drove the Kancamagus Highway, which is one of the most scenic roads of the States and lies in Lincoln, the heart of the New Hampshire Mountains. Just driving around to look at breath-taking views. Being Dutch, I am not so much used to wide views in the Netherlands. I think that is one of the things I love most about where I live now. Northumberland, UK, has fantastic views and I love driving home after work and being able to see the hills and the scenery. Or sitting in our garden in Summer, it does not get much better than that. It’s called “God’s back garden” by many for a well-deserved reason.

However, the USA, is a completely different league on its own. Distances become much greater and a forest is an enormous landscape of trees and is then called a nature reserve.
The second time we went leaf peeping we had less time and walked around Gilford, New Hampshire. The foliage was less at it’s peak, but beautiful nevertheless.

When looking at the amazing display of colour and greatness of nature it just reminds me a little bit of the transformations we get to do in our practice. Transforming a smile is like bringing back all the colour into the life of that person. Filling them with confidence and happiness, restoring function so their daily life is more enjoyable. The good thing is though, when it becomes winter, it does not go all dark and gloomy! See us regularly for maintenance and you will keep that smile going!

Indra xx

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