Indra’s blog; About Prejudice and Child Logic

Indra’s blog; About Prejudice and Child Logic

It had been a long day and we ended up tired on the couch. Cuddled up together. Husband on one couch with the eldest and myself with our younger child on the other one. Then the eldest says; ‘Ha, ha. isn’t that funny? The same colours are sitting together on the couch. Light and dark.’

I feel a lump coming up in my throat. That is my child saying that. Did we teach him to think like that? Is that racism? Questions race through my head. My husband (and my eldest) are very much of white skin and myself and my youngest are brown coloured. We each happen to have our own little mini-me, which is the beauty and pure fascination of mother nature to me.

It is true what he says, but the fact he says it makes me uncomfortable. And my husband knows that. He looks at me and smiles and says; ‘Ask him why then?’ I look at my husband with a big question mark ‘What do you mean?’ And he says; ‘Just ask him’. So, I ask my eldest to repeat what he said.

‘Mum, I just said that the same colours are sitting together. Papa and I have blue eyes and you two have brown eyes. You know that. Isn’t that funny?’

So, there you go. Yes, kids do see colour. But probably not like adults see colour. My eldest is very much aware he and his brother look different, but that is obviously only because their eyes have different colours. He will add to that though that he thinks people with blue eyes can actually see better than the other ones with darker colours, because daddy can spot things much quicker than mummy can and seems to be able to look much further than me. That that is part of daddies job and that he is trained to do so will obviously not occur to a 6-year old yet.

Sometimes we just assume, but should probe a bit deeper before thinking we know what is actually meant. It would save a bit of heart ache…. At least in my case it would.

We have now started the kids’ holidays. Lots of child logic to come the next six weeks. Let’s enjoy it as much as we can and see through their eyes…… Child Logic is just such a beautiful thing.

Indra x

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