Indra’s blog; About Quality Time and a Walk on the Beach

Indra’s blog; About Quality Time and a Walk on the Beach 

My sister from America has been over for a few days. As it was quite a last-minute decision I already had a busy diary and several commitments, so we did not have as much time as I would have liked during the days together. Fortunately, she is a busy bee herself too and happily sat working in my office and having meetings with her own team on the other side of the world through The Cloud. Hurray for the internet! As you can imagine, I gladly swopped my admin Friday afternoon for some quality sister time. We decided to have a walk over Bamburgh beach. Of course, Spittal has a nice beach too, but I wanted to show her a place she had not seen yet. And it surely did not disappoint.

It was quite windy and the sand made this magical mist around our legs. It was actually amazing how it did not turn into a sand storm and blinded us. The views were great despite the cold. We had a fresh walk and she managed to take 40 pictures while we were out. It must just have been the sight-seeing a tourist wants on a windy day!

We had a nice cup of tea to warm us up and a good catch-up …. Just the quality time we needed…

You might think… why on earth did she come over all the way from America, just for a few days? Well, she needed some dentistry done she could trust and was prepared to fly the ocean for that, but only had four days including travelling two of those. Luckily, we have our digital dental suite and we could make her a new crown in a single day. She was amazed to see how our CEREC made her new tooth. All this new technology made sure we even had some quality sister time on a beautiful windy beach!

Indra x

PS: Nice Note; Bamburgh beach got voted best in county!

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