Indra’s blog: About scent and memory

Indra’s blog: About Scent and Memory

Scent is such a strong thing. It can make you enjoy a situation more or immediately feel at ease or just the opposite, it can make all alarm bells go. It will also remind you of things, of people, of a situation that might even be a long time ago, in a good or a bad way.

I recently experienced it when we were out with some friends. We were standing at the bar to order drinks and all of a sudden it hit me. One of the girls that was standing in front of me was wearing the perfume that my good friend that passed away used to wear. It happened before and this time again, it just literally hit me and made me emotional immediately. It is such a quick instant and it can completely throw you off your feet. 

For that reason, I find it so important that our practice does not have that ‘dentist smell’. And I always love it when a patient comments that ‘it does not smell like the dentist here’. 

We try our best to give our practice environment that homely feel and smell, all obviously within the regulations that we have to surround ourselves with. Just to make sure that it is not the scent that reminds our patients of a bad experience they had in the past and might trigger their responses. Just one of the ways we try to make things easier and better…

Indra xx 

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