Indra’s blog: About that poor mum

Indra’s blog: About that poor mum

I am sitting in the plane on my way back from the USA to Edinburgh. As soon as we take off a choir erupts from just behind us. A little child is upset, for whatever reason, and starts crying. His cry sets of four kids in his vicinity and they all make as much noise as they can. It’s an evening flight, it’s too late for them already and they are a bit distressed and probably overly tired. I can see the mum frantically trying to get her boy to be quiet and comfort him, but as we all know, the harder you try the less it is going to work. It is as if kids feel the vibe, feel your vibe, and then do the complete opposite. And I am sure the mum realises this too, but as she is getting more upset about people being disturbed, she cannot stop the upset that is going on. She then decides to drop the child on daddy’s lap in the row behind her and unfortunately that does not seem to work either. Some stares and sighs are coming their way now.

I do feel for them as I know what it is like. I travel a lot and often with my two beauties, but without my husband. They are probably amongst the most flown kids of their age. We have great flights and we have horrible flights. There are days they are angels and people compliment they had not even noticed the boys were there or how cute they are. There are certainly also days that all decency is out of the window and one of them is on the floor screaming they are not going to put their seatbelt on during take-off. I have been there and seen it all. The thing is that you usually do not know what is going to happen until you are in the middle of it. I have had to clean up full throw up sessions while landing as one was being sick and feeding the other one at the same time or experiencing the feeling of ‘numb’ arms of two kids sleeping on them and then trying to deboard a plane while also carrying some luggage. Honestly, I often thought, why on earth am I doing this? But it usually does go upwards from there. And sometimes there is a good Samaritan around that lends a hand.

The funny thing is that it is kind of the same with kids in my dental chair. Usually all is good, but now and again one throws a fit. Often there is a bit of anxiousness or apprehensiveness for the unknown involved. And it also really depends how the parent responds to it….. or the grandparent as some parents rather not bring their anxiety to the room for the children’s sake. We usually like to encourage parents to bring their offspring along from the earliest age, so they can see what is going on and know what going to the dentist means. For parents on one of our dental plans the youngest kids are free and the older ones just pay a small fee. It’s not just grown-ups we treat…. and really … like in the aeroplane… I am very understanding, patient and have seen it all…

To easy days!

Indra xx

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