Indra’s blog: About the last BBQ before harvest

Indra’s blog: About the last BBQ before harvest

What a beautiful weather we are having at the moment. The sun is out and it could not have shone brighter. Yesterday we got an invitation to a lovely BBQ at a close friends’ house. Last BBQ before the harvest starts. You probably know, but if not…. during the harvest our farming friends literally have no spare time. They will be on their combine from early mornings unto most of the evening. Usually will have breakfast, lunch and dinner high up in their seat. Bringing food to the nation they sacrifice a good few weeks of their social life to the fields that need sorting before rain comes or the crop goes.

Jokingly, the ladies of these men are regarded these weeks as farming widows. They kind of loose out on the joys of having a husband as he is nowhere to be seen unless they go and sit with him in the combine or bring him his food. If you look at it from the bright side there could be some advantages: they could have hours and hours of quality time talking about all possible things in life to try and help keep him awake. They can enjoy the scenery, but I can imagine that if you have gone up and down the same field many times it might become a bit boring. They can have some well-deserved me-time without the husband at home, but after 6 weeks of me-time you probably really want some we-time and some help with the kids and some company on any social event you appear. I think it is just generally a bit of a rough time for all parties involved. Nevertheless, it was just lovely to catch up and have some time together. We could not have picked a better night.

From a dental point of view, we also need to take the harvest into account so now and again. Arable farmers usually have no time for dental appointments around this time of year (neither have the sheep farmers, by the way, when they are lambing) and we will have to treatment plan accordingly around it. For the harvest widows this might be a window of opportunity… always wanted that dental work done, but could not find the time?…. Go for it, he is too busy now anyway! 😉

Enjoy the sun!


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