Indra’s blog; About the New Year and a bit of Alchemy

Indra’s blog; About the New Year and a bit of Alchemy

I hope you all had the best Christmas and got to enjoy a lovely time together with family and friends. With Christmas behind us, you will undoubtedly start to look at the New Year to come. 2019 is almost here! Have you made some New Years’ resolutions yet?

Some weeks ago my husband and I had a night out in Newcastle with lovely friends. We started the night with a nice dinner at ‘the Alchemist’. It is very much worth a visit. I had never heard about them previously, but I understand they have several locations spread across the country. So, if one is near you, pay them a visit, even if just for drinks! The excitement of a bit of dry ice on a night out cannot be overstated!

We got the menu and when I started reading their introduction I felt this immediate connection with us at Berwick Smile Dental Care. It looks like their core values come close to ours, even though our businesses have no correlation in any way or form.

First, they start explaining what their name is all about; “Alchemy means making amazing transformations; we usually do it with cocktails, but we also think there are other ways to make a difference”.
Honestly, if that is not us, I don’t know what is. We absolutely loooooove creating amazing transformations, ours being a cocktail of all the different bits of dentistry and facial aesthetics that we do. The boost it gives to people’s life is very different to that of a cocktail, but it is a lot longer lasting for sure.

They partner with charities in their locations; giving their staff time of to do voluntary work locally, which I really applaud them for. We also have a great connection with our local charity HospiceCare NorthNorthumberland; we are part of their Business Club and you might remember the Charity Zipline we did for them raising a fantastic amount of money with the help of you all. And that is just one of the charities we have supported.

Then they write; “We have also waged war on waste! To fight plastic, we’ve stopped serving straws as standard with our drinks and when we do, they are fully bio-degradable and get recycled.” We are also continuously trying to reduce our waste. The amount of regulations we have to comply to often means the amount of single use items and sterilisation bags we have to use puts everybody to shame. However, we try to find clever ways to be compliant and safe, whilst still reducing the big footprint dentistry in general leaves behind. We also sell fully bio-degradable toothbrushes; great for on the go or as a gift, we even have a beautiful bamboo travel case to go with it.

The staff did seem a bit busy on the night, which meant empty glasses were not cleared off the table and made it look a bit messy. But beside that, I think they did a great job. So, if your New Years’ Resolution is to go out for a meal more often, then pay them a visit. If you are thinking about a bit of sparkle for your teeth, whether big or small, we can help! Even when you have not been for ages and ages, trust me, we have seen it before and will not judge you. In the New Year, we can also offer sedation in the practice, which might just take the edge off and bring you a New Smile while feeling you are sleeping and getting a nice rest. It could not be easier. 2019 will be your year!

To transformations! New Year, New You. Fresh Start. New Smile?

Indra x

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