Indra’s blog: About the Obvious Dentist’s Child

Indra’s blog: About the Obvious Dentist’s Child

We were very lucky to be able to spend the previous week’s holidays abroad. The weather was just right in Spain; Nice and warm, but not too much as with my growing pregnant belly that just does not work together. We were away with the whole family from my husband’s side and were able to have a good catch up as all of them live in the Netherlands. It was also wonderful to see my boys get to know their cousins a lot better as they normally just don’t really get that time together. 

It had been a busy day full of play and beach that had completely tired out my youngest. You know, when you are sitting at the dinner table in the evening and the child’s head starts nodding and almost lands in their food. One of those days. So, coming back from the restaurant he had fallen asleep in the car. We got the boys to bed. Obviously, trying to follow the normal bed routine; pyjamas on, brush the teeth and off to bed. Fine with the eldest, but the youngest was so so tired, there just was no way. I could get his pyjamas on, but that’s where it all stopped. He was not waking up to get his teeth brushed. Yep, you might just think, oh well, that’s fine for that one night, but me, the dentist, gets this amazing feeling of guilt and wrong. It just is a big NO for me. However, I was defeated and let him be for this once.

Back to the grown-ups. We are just sitting, chatting, having a drink while the kids are sleeping. About two hours later little man appears, apparently woken up. And guess what he comes bringing? ‘Mummy, I have not brushed my teeth’ while clutching to his (favourite) tooth brush and then sticking it up in the air making sure I get the point. All the family starts laughing and saying their kids would just appear with their soft toy or cuddly bear. Nope, not mine….. tooth brush….. And actually… I was just proud… and a bit relieved…. Did get to brush those little pearly whites of him after all….. 

Have a nice weekend… don’t forget to brush 😉

Indra xx

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