Indra’s blog; About the Start of my Maternity Leave

Indra’s blog; About the Start of my Maternity Leave

The unthinkable has happened…. Today I officially started my Maternity Leave on the day we actually planned it would start. Our third baby and I never got that point before.

With my first one, I was this invincible woman that believed that pregnancy is no illness or disability, you just get on with it and keep moving. I planned to work (till I ‘dropped’ really) until two weeks before delivery. My waters broke prematurely at 29 weeks and 4 days and that was me done…. our beauty arrived almost a week later.

With the second pregnancy, I was very careful. It is such a great worry when your child has been in the NICU fighting for his life. I did not want to end up in that situation again. The isolation and the worry were so overwhelming. So, we planned for me to go off at 36 weeks pregnancy, that seemed fairly safe. The weeks passed by 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and just when I started to feel slightly more secure my waters broke again prematurely. This round was not as bad; Our second son was born at 36 weeks and after a few days we were allowed to take him home. I really got to enjoy my leave this time and my husband made sure I took enough time off to make up for the first round.

And then there was my third pregnancy… we did not think it would happen anymore, but we are happy it did. Out came the worry again, we had been twice lucky with being early and still having healthy boys…. How much more luck was there to have….

A bit more secure than in the second round, but also more confident as you have done it and been there twice before. The people around me made sure I did not take too much on. The care from the RVI and my midwife have been amazing and it is wonderful to see how the science around prematurity has developed just in those few years that I have had to deal with it. My lovely staff have been making sure my patient diary was not too stressful and kept running around with enough energy drinks and a contingency plan to make sure I would be OK. Part of this was a quite early surprise baby shower, as with me… you never know when the baby arrives…

Now, today came…. I am past the day that my waters broke the second round. Monday I will be 35 weeks…. Due to my age (yes, I did hit the 40 remember) and the risks involved, my consultant won’t let me go past the 39 weeks. So, I might have 4 weeks to go, to prepare before our third wonder sees the world. And I actually got to work this official last day. One of my lovely patients and friends brought in beautiful flowers and a card to celebrate my milestone. I feel very blessed. Thank you Anne!

The practice is ready for me to be away for a while. The management team knows what to do. We have found two fantastic clinicians in Danny and David to take over from me. They have a wealth of experience and I trust them with the care of our patients. Some of you might have already had the privilege to meet them. We are so lucky they joined the Berwick Smile team.

Will I get to 39 weeks?….. I don’t think so, but who knows…. The belly is huge, I am measuring in above the 95 percentile line on the graphs at the moment. This means 95% of babies are smaller at this point in gestation. As my sister says: maybe I just cook them quicker…

Indra xx

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