Indra’s blog: About the zipslide and teamwork

Indra’s blog: About the zipslide and teamwork

I have written about it before here and you might have seen some pictures or videos coming by on our social media of the zip slide we did.
Together as a practice we raised £620.40 for Hospice Care North Northumberland, with the whole team raising around £3000 that day. Just a big thank you once again from all of us to everybody who supported us for HospiceCare North Northumberland.
A lot of people have congratulated us on making the zip slide over the Tyne. It truly was great to be part of and being able to secure funds for such an amazing cause.

For some of us it meant overcoming fear of heights and for others overcoming the fear of actually letting yourself go from such a height, but for all of us it was something we did as a team, helping others by supporting each other.
There was a great atmosphere amongst the participants and that was a good thing as the gear was quite uncomfortable and smelly and the day was rather cold and very windy, … not the very best moment to do a zip slide. Going to Newcastle, we passed villages that had some snow fall already, making us wonder if we would be going down the slide at all that day, but we certainly did.

Erin was the first of our Berwick Smile team to go down as she was the one with the most worries about it. She really had to brave herself and was so so nervous, but Hannah and I were there to support her all the way. It was a very proud moment to see her go down and obviously for Hannah and myself to do the same.
The wind picked up and it meant I went off backwards. I was frantically trying to turn myself in the hope to see more of what was happening, but before I knew it I was on the other side. It was such a thrill and exciting thing to do! I really loved it… just wished I would have taken more time and focus to enjoy it.

It was so nice to see everybody being so helpful and so supportive. For us however, it is a common environment to be in, even though, fortunately, we usually are not on the receiving end. We regularly see anxious patients in different gradients, that have had to overcome their dental phobia to come and see us. We try to do our very best to support and help our anxious patients in every way we can to make them more comfortable and in charge of their situation.

You will be happy to hear we have something NEW and VERY exciting coming for those that need a bit of extra help to actually have dental treatment done. More to follow…. Stay tuned and you will be one of the first to know!

Always improving and always striving to create a better environment for our patients….

Indra xx

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