Indra’s blog: About Threads and defying Gravity.

About Threads and defying Gravity

I am sitting in the train writing this blog. It’s a long six and a half hour journey all the way from the Prof Bob Khanna training institute in Reading to my family in our warm lovely home. However, I am sitting here smiling and so so so excited for what I am bringing back to our practice this time. The last two days I have been learning different Thread techniques.
Tuesday consisted of fine Thread Contour Therapy; small, short threads that are placed quite superficial under the skin and will stimulate the body to make collagen. This then results in skin tightening for example to help with smoker’s lines, beginning of wrinkles even in the neck, hands, crows feet, but also the brightening of skin tone and tightening of pores, volume reduction of double chin or full cheeks. And then it goes to improve the skin of the mummy tummy and on stretch marks. We all are proud of our tiger stripes, but rather not had them really.
We had a little practice on each other with the fine Threads and I have to say it was not bad at all. When my sisters heard this, they had a little gniffle. Why on earth would you let them try it out on you? They asked. Yes, I know it was the other surgeons first time, but with the guidance we got there was nothing that could go wrong. And why would I not want it on myself if I am recommending it to my patients. I at least need to know how it feels… and that did not disappoint. The results for this technique will only show after about 2-3 months as there is no actually lifting.
Today was probably the most exciting day in my Facial Aesthetics career. Placing Barb/Cog Threads for actual Thread lifting; a deeper placement of a stronger barbed thread that actually lifts the sagging skin up and gives that effect when you look in the mirror and pull that bit of skin back on your cheek a little bit and think… Yeah, this is what I looked like ten years ago. The patients we got to work on ourselves were looking younger and better immediately. And that will be even better when the treatment is continued in a month’s time. An enormous boost of confidence to them. The results were absolutely fantastic. This is treatment for people that are looking for a natural approach and look. It is not a real surgical facelift so the results are not as drastic, however there are many advantages. Even though the effect is immediate it is non-surgical, making it a lot less invasive or scary to the patient and the downtime minimal.
They literally walked out smiling, ready to go back to work. With the Threads that we use there are certainly no loose bits sticking out of the skin that can get infected. We use cannulas, nothing sharp, so it is very safe and minimal chance on complications. I am so sold to this treatment that I cannot recommend it enough. It’s a good thing I got into this train so excited as by now the train has stood still for 50 min waiting for a train driver that is in another delayed train so we can follow our journey. The chances are I will miss my connecting train in Newcastle… but let’s stay positive….. worry and negativity just causes wrinkles…. 😉

Indra x

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