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About Trains and Banter!

It is Saturday evening 21.30 hours and I am in the train back home from a very interesting course in Nottingham, more about that in another blog though. A few cheerful men from Berwick and Chirnside have come into my carriage and happen to be booked on my table and the seats around. They are chatty and happy and had a good long afternoon in Newcastle watching the football. Being from both sides of the borders they have the usual banter in a good way and keep me smiling and entertained. Very quickly they have found out I practice in Berwick and lots of dentist jokes come by, including listening to ‘the Singing Dentist’ on loudspeaker. They actually are a good laugh and had I gone by car I would not have met these football fans. When I went down on Wednesday evening it took me a good 5 hours to get to my destination due to delays. Before I got upset about it and could think ‘I wished I had taken the car’ that thought was vanished because of previous experiences like this one.
I often do courses all across the country and beyond to keep on top of all the new things in dentistry. About 5 years ago I had about 3 or 4 days a month that I had to be in Manchester. Sometimes these days would follow each other up, but usually they were single days through the month. I always took the car down and felt ‘in control’ over travel. No more public transport for me as I was fed up after all the waiting from when I was a student. I could go and come back whenever I wanted and did not have to wait… Waiting on a cold station for a train that was delayed or have delays being in the train and arriving late or even missing a train through their or my fault and not be able to get home. Having to phone the husband to come and pick me up from Newcastle or Edinburgh in stead of Berwick. For as much as you can call driving a car being in control as there are always these things that make it not so planned for like road works, traffic queues, but most of all tiredness. Being in the car for 3.5 to 5 hours on your own can be quite boring, unless you get a good dvd on with a book or something more substantial.
Then when I got pregnant from our first baby my husband did not feel it was safe enough for me to be driving around and doing those distances in the car. He was quite happy for me to keep following my courses, but insisted I would take the train. So there would be people around to help and I would not get overly tired and end up having some kind of road accident. As being pregnant sometimes does come with a completely different level of fatigue I did think he was right and started taking the train. And it was a complete revelation. If you are tired you have a snooze. If you want to read a book, you do just that. But if you have a mountain of tasks to work through it actually gives you a chance to do some work. If you book in advance you can usually get a seat with a table and a socket so you can plug in the laptop and work away. I don’t always get done as much as I would like as the internet is completely shambolic, but more than I would have by sitting in the car. Most of the time it is not too busy to work. And if it is…. it might just be some local lads having a laugh after a pint in the pub! Cheers guys!


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