Indra’s blog: Batman needs a Robin

Batman needs a Robin

There comes a time when we all need a bit of help. Especially as a mum of two amazing boys and a wife to a very busy husband, while being a business owner that not only tries to run, but also grow a successful dental practice, who is still loving to be a clinician in dentistry. There simply are not enough minutes in the hour, let alone hours in the day to do all of this and keep your sanity at the best of times.
We are very lucky to have found a great person to help us with the most precious persons in our life and manage the house so we can just come home and ‘be’. Be there for the boys … However, when these beauties are in bed I often find myself still doing things for the business. It never stops.
And therefor, today marks another mile stone in the life of this dentist. Not just because today happens to be the day it has been 14 years since I received my dentist title and that much desired piece of paper after lots of hard work. But it is finally time for this Batman to find her Robin in the business. Somebody to take over (a lot) of the administrative part that I do in between, somebody that can help us grow, somebody that will enable it for me to be more present as a clinician and being where my patients like to see me best, doing what I love: chairside in stead of in the office! It is time for a business manager and PA to myself to enter the chapter that is coming.

So we thought…. who better to ask for a good reference, for a quality lead, for a hint than the people who know our practice. Who have seen us work or have enjoyed reading our stories and ‘know’ or ‘feel’ who we are and what we stand for: YOU!
Do you know somebody that will be up for this exciting task or are you that person that loves to be part of our team and grow with us on this amazing digital journey our practice is on?
Let him or her get in touch!

You can find more details about this new role by clicking on the link here:
Job Description Business Manager and PA

Let’s do more of the things we enjoy and are good at! To growth and happiness…


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