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Big mama fail

So today was one of those days. You are trying to juggle it all in and at some point, just when you think you got it, the whole thing falls to pieces. My morning…

Today was the replacement for the World Book Day that we missed due to the school closures last week. I was trying to be prepared (for the original one) and asked my eldest two weeks ago what he wanted to represent, what his favourite book was. At the moment it is “I like dogs” and “I like cats”. He decided to go for the dog book. Usually it’s dinosaurs, which would have been easy, but he is moving away from that a little bit now. So as you can imagine, no dog suit in the house. A quick browse on Amazon and shortly a costume was found, which with a prime delivery should arrive nice and easy on time. However the weather got the better of it and it could not be delivered so the package ended up in the post office for me to collect. Which was not really at the forefront of my mind when we were trying to catch up with the work and patients after the practice closure due to the weather. I did not think to collect it yesterday and I did not think to ask one of my girls. (Quick note; The job offer to find me a Robin is still taking applications until Sunday… I do need one!) It was not until I came home at dinner time that I found his excitement was raving through the house as tomorrow was the ‘replacement World Book Day’ and he was going to be a “Duke” (his favourite dog of the household). Whoopsie. No costume. Well, the husband said, you will have to go and get it in the morning. And yes, on the all-knowing world wide web I found that the collection office opened at 8.00 hours so we could make it to be in time for school and be a “Duke”.

Next morning, bit of a rush, kids in the car and off to Berwick to get THE package. It was there, yeah! The relief! You are trying to do whatever you can for your kids to get their stuff sorted, on whatever scale that is. And when it works out, that is so nice… So, we went back on the road for our return journey. However, the road was slippery in parts, bumpy as usual and we had already been in the car for a while. The eldest is like me, gets sick easily in the car. And I don’t know if it was the warm blaze and his hot winter coat, the bumps or the excitement that caused it, but it wasn’t long or I heard a bit of a mumble to stop the car. And in no time we were out and the morning breakfast was splashed all over the white icy left-over on the side of the road (excuse the graphic content). It was no pretty sight. Beautiful son looked pale and green and not so happy. BIG BIG BIG mama fail. So busy to trying to get it right and 180 degrees flipped over got it so wrong only three minutes later. My poor little boy.

When we finally got to school we were late and they were all singing in assembly. He did not have his costume on yet and looked so frail between their happiness. But his fine little country school did what they do best. With loveliness and warmth he was ushered next to his little friends while they kept singing. When they learnt I was probably going to miss (part of) the Mother’s Day Assembly, where the kids celebrate all the people who care for them, tomorrow morning as I have got patients booked in, I was invited to come and listen now.

However they had just finished their practice run. And what they did was so special to me, they said they would just do it again so I wouldn’t miss out. And these beautiful little souls sang their Mother’s Day song. My big boy got a bit less pale, my little boy was completely stunned from amazement sitting on my arm and my heart felt like a big warm smile. The day just got so much better.

Wishing everybody’s mama/daddy/carer fail days to turn into something lovely just like mine did today.
Happy Mother’s Day!

(For my lovely and maybe now confused Dutch friends that read my blog; Mothering Sunday in the UK is celebrated this year on 11th March, where yours is on Sunday 13th May this year).

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