Indra’s blog: Judgement versus Sympathy

Judgement versus Sympathy

Going to the dentist is unfortunately for quite a lot of people still a daunting task. Even though dentistry has changed so much over the years and the experience should be customer focused and surely as comfortable and welcoming as can be, patients can still feel very apprehensive about taking the first step.
Last week we received this question through private message online: ‘I am frightened of going to the dentist and have avoided it for years. Can I be assured of a sympathetic view?’

—— My heart stopped for a second. ——

Surely as a dentist you would welcome this patient with open arms, be as gentle as you always are and listen to her story without being nasty. It would be so sad if this lady finally got the courage to attempt to come and see a dentist to find judgement. Will she be helped by that? Do you think she would return? It is such an achievement for people that have problems with their teeth, to own up to that fact and to find our help. Often, they have gone through years of pain and ‘self-help’; including but not limited to the use of super glue, rinsing with the most extraordinary forms of liquor or ‘herbal somethings’, extracting teeth themselves and living on as many pain killers and antibiotics as they could find. Even more, these patients feel usually so ashamed by the looks of their not-so-pearly-whites that they can never truly and fully smile out in the open. To them it is a life sentence.

So YES, you can be assured of a sympathetic view here. We have seen it all, we have heard it all and our patients can tell you that you have found the right place. No Judgement in any way or form. We will help you climb your mountain, guide you to the top, hold your hand if that makes you feel better, educate you, sometimes even cry with you, we will go above and beyond for you, but … there always is a little but… we need your help. You must be willing to be helped and above all… show up for your appointments. Bring whoever you like, bring your head phones, watch the tv on our ceiling to take your mind of, as long as you come in and let us help you, you will see that there really is an end to your journey of discomfort, pain and embarrassment. Looking for light at the end of the tunnel? Here we are. Ready for you!

We love what we do and if you let us, you will love your new, healthy smile too.

Indra x

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