Indra’s blog: New Year, New You

New year, New You

It’s a bit of a late one, but here goes: Happy New Year!
Are you there yet? New Year’s Resolutions made, but difficult to stick to them…. Apparently only 8 percent of people stick to their goals set on the first day of the year.
One of mine was definitely to get my blog out a bit more often. And here we are, almost the last day of January and I finally manage to sit down and write one once again.
There is actually something really nice that triggered me to write this today.

Our practice marketing champion Erin and I have been on a business course in Manchester. Learning how to grow and get better at what we do and to make the experience for you, our patients, even better. Sat in the train, back to Berwick upon Tweed, back to home, back to our boys, we are now reminiscing over the day we had. Lots of nuggets to bring back, but also some very proud moments. The day was led by our own dental business coach Chris Barrow who has been coaching us for quite a while now. He is one of the best and most known dental coaches in the UK (and abroad) and has many dental clients and 20+ years of experience under his wings. One of the subjects that was touched on was how he supports the practices he works with to write a blog and that it is not such an easy task, but sometimes it gets picked up and what comes out is done really well. He then went on to tell the room about his three favourite blogs from clients and mine happened to be in that list. It is so nice to know that your writing is actually read, but most of all appreciated… So, if that is not reason enough to pick it up, I’m not sure what would be! Thanks Chris! I am back and hopefully a bit more often than recently…

Our social media hero Erin was also praised for the work she does, getting the newsletter together every month and telling you all about us on our different social media platforms. Most importantly what Erin does is showing everybody what we can do and what this means to our patients. How it has touched their lives, grown their confidence, made them feel good again. If anybody in a similar situation looks at these transformation pictures, whether big or small, or reads the stories, they know that somebody in a similar situation was helped and that we can help them too!
There will be more of this coming, and to top it off, we will be starting our own YouTube channel. To provide you with more information, give you more value and try to get (y)our message out there.

The New Year has started, the first month is almost gone. But really, that is a good thing. You don’t need to start something new on the 1st of January. You can start on any other day and the best thing is, you probably have a better chance of succeeding anyway!

We, at Berwick Smile Dental Care, are rather excited about this year with our new Digital, Photographic and Consultation Suite nearing the end of completion. And I hope you will all see the benefits very soon. If you were still sitting on the fence or not sure if we can help you, get in touch. What better time to tick something of that list….

To the best year to come!


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