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The Butterfly Effect

When doing some personal development for my wine business I was recommended the video of Andy Andrews talking about The Butterfly Effect. He first explains that it started with scientific proof that a butterfly flapping her wings on one side of the world and then flapping it again and a bit more can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world a few weeks later. Than Andy shows us that every action in your life not only has an effect on your further life but also on the lives of the people around you many years later. It’s not a long watch and I recommend you have a look at it here.

It obviously made me think. This Butterfly Effect can go two ways. You can positively change a person’s life or negatively. Usually it will not have the biggest impact, but small ripples now can go a long way later on apparently.
Me being me, it made me think of Smiling. First of all, in the simplest form; When you see someone smile at you, you automatically start smiling back. It gives you a little lift. So, it’s easy, smile more and life smiles back at you. Positivity attracts.
But also in the way we ‘make’ Smiles. I have blogged about this before, but think about this deeper now. It goes further than just that person. When somebody comes into our practice and is so ashamed of their smile that they don’t dare going out, let alone go for a job interview or find a partner.
Then we do what we love to do here at Berwick Smile and we see this person coming back with self-esteem. But not just that, they go out, they smile, they are more positive, they find themselves a job and/or a partner. What a different outcome that gives. That might create new life, new inventions, joy and hopefully only happiness and positivity.

On that note, I end this blog today. What a great way to start this Bank Holiday weekend. Let’s all Smile more, people! You never know who or what you will effect!

Indra x

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