Indra’s blog: The First Egg

The First Egg.

Living in the countryside gives the never-ending opportunity and space to get closer to nature.
So we got some quails. These little birds used to lay beautiful speckled tiny eggs from the day they arrived. Our eldest son, Oli, absolutely loves eggs in any shape or form; big or small, cooked or boiled, normal or chocolate, dinosaur eggs still being the best ones without a doubt. Most days he would find multiple eggs and he would be ecstatic. Then the weather turned cold and the quails stopped laying. The devastation of not finding eggs turned into an expectation of no more eggs, which eventually made him stop looking for the eggs. Then some birds died. It were the happy chit-chatting ones. It was quite sad as we had gotten used to them like pets. We loved the little noises they made. Even a bit like a welcome as you pass them to go into the house. We got some new ones and they seemed to pull through the winter. And then yesterday….. just before Easter…. guess what!? There was an egg. This tiny little quail egg. What a great moment. The excitement of what nature can bring has returned to our country home.

We will be decorating and painting some eggs with the boys today, but not the pretty quail ones. They are beautiful just the way they are.

Enjoy your eggs, the painted ones, the chocolate ones, big and tiny, but remember… better to eat a lot in one go than to save them and eat all day … still thinking of teeth….

Happy Easter everyone!


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