Indra’s blog: The Television and the Sand Path

The Television and the Sand Path

So today’s blog is a bit of a rant. However fortunate we are for living where we do, it is not always easy. Especially for getting a package delivered to your door. The mail man knows where we are and so do most regular delivery guys. However, we ordered a new television over the internet. The guy that was blessed with bringing the new kit to our home, unfortunately did not know where to go and used his sat nav. However, which ever sat nav you use, it does not bring you to our door. It brings you somewhere local-ish but never actually here.

He phoned to let me know he could not find our house. So this is how it went.
Him: “I am standing here close to a field and there is a sand path. Where do I go?”
Me: “I am not sure where you are? Can you be more specific?”
Him: “There is a field and a sand path. Surely you know where that is?”
Me: “Sir, there are fields with sand paths everywhere you look around here. You will have to be more specific.”
Him: “THIS IS NOT A NORMAL ROAD. THERE IS ONLY SAND! (He is getting angry).
Me: “I understand what you are saying, but no roads in the fields will have road coverings. Can you go back to the village and from there phone me back so I can guide you to our house. You can use your sat nav to get there.”
So he was a bit upset, we hung up and I did not hear. About ten minutes later I phoned him back.
Me: “Hi. Just wondering how you are getting on?
Him: (UPSET!) “I passed the village three times, but the sat nav keeps bringing me back to the same point in the field.”
Me: (SIGH) “I thought I had asked you to phone me when you were in the village…”
Him: “Well, I am going back to the depot now, because I am running out of time. You will have to book a new delivery slot”.
Me: “Whhaaaat, you are five minutes from my house and are leaving now? If you had phoned when I asked you, you would have been here ten minutes ago…”

After some unfortunate shouting up and down, he did listen to the description, did find our home and we did get our new television. He was actually a nice guy that just got frustrated. However, had I not phoned him back, he would probably be halfway back to London.

But seriously…. how exhausting was that…… Can you imagine why I have most stuff delivered to the practice in Berwick with a postcode that does work… It’s just so much easier when the sat nav actually gets you where you need to go….


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