Indra’s blog: What our ‘Why’ has to do with my latest course

Indra’s blog: What our ‘Why’ has to do with my latest course

As we are always trying to better ourselves for our patients, learning new skills to keep up with the changes in the ever-moving world of dentistry and grow the business by doing so, I thought it was time to go on a business course. This is not just a business course. It is a year-long course that helps me and my team guide our practice even more into the ideal modern independent dental practice/business we want it to be. One of the very first tasks I had to do was to describe our ‘Why’. What drives me/us here at Berwick Smile Dental Care, so that we can learn how to build upon that ‘Why’.

I did not have to think long as I feel we are very transparent about what we stand for. Our ‘Why’ is reflected in the hashtags that we use on our social media platforms, with the most important one being #Welovewhatwedo, followed by #morethanjustateam, #afamily, #thesmilewegaveyou, #transformationtuesday, #patientshealthfirst and the sub-line of our business ‘where your smile becomes our care’ and my motto for years ‘Just give me a smile’.

I have always felt the importance of letting people smile again, giving patients back their confidence, given them back a bit of the life they feel they lost. Getting them out of pain and bringing back function, comfort and often, but surely high on the list Aesthetics.
It has always been my ‘Why’.

So, we aim to deliver outstanding (transformational) dentistry that makes our patients feel special and more confident every step of the way by creating a truly enjoyable patient journey with the help of a team that is happy and feels safe and proud to be part of this journey. Our new Digital Dental Suite is a true testament to that.

We would like your patient journey to be world-class. For our patients to feel it is all about them and the team is here to help you along the way on that journey with us. As a practice we have created a family-like culture, a place to feel safe and valued. The team is A TEAM. They help each other and are there for each other and our patients. The team is proud of every little bit that they are part of so they own it, respect it and value it and therefor care for it and make it as perfect as we can for you, our valued patient.

I am very motivated and driven in my dentistry and this reflects on my team. I am a true dentist and really love what I do and truly could not do without. I honestly would not be as good a mum without doing what I love, as dentistry (sadly 😉 but surely) really is one of my biggest passions. So, I thought it would be good to share our WHY with you and what makes us different. We like to be a 100-year business with long-term goals instead of a quick sale. We are not a big corporate business or the regular round-the-corner practice and we definitely don’t aim to be one. We like to be the one that cares. Comparing apples and pears is impossible and that is exactly what this difference is like. We do our best to stand out and make you feel special, whether it be for a dental health review, a filling or a true transformation…. Here, it’s all about you!

Happy Easter everybody!

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