Indra’s blog: Why this mummy must go to work AND school as well.

Indra’s blog: Why this mummy must go to work AND school as well.

Yesterday morning my eldest asked me; ‘Mummy why do you have to go to work and go to school as well?’ He was so surprised and it did not make sense to him at all. It seemed a bit unfair and he was feeling sorry for me. He had been thinking about it. He goes to school. Daddy goes to work. But mummy…. Usually goes to work, but often goes to school instead and then stays away a night or two as her schools are never close.

And it is true, why would it make sense? For a lot of professions, what you do is what you do and not an awful lot changes over time. Dentistry is very different. Comparing what I knew and how I did dentistry when I left university 14.5 years ago to what goes on in our practice now daily is such a huge difference.

Technology develops quickly and staying at the forefront of it all requires a huge investment in time and new equipment. Learning all these new things usually brings me around the whole country and beyond… it means I now and again have to be away from the ones I love and that is hard on them, especially when they are little.

Of course, there is something as CPD (continuing professional development) for health care professionals. We have to comply with a minimum amount of study hours in core subjects within a 5-year cycle to keep our GDC (General Dental Council) registration. But what we do goes beyond that. We follow what goes on, we are eager to keep up and try to stay ahead of the main stream. Bringing these new technologies to Berwick upon Tweed is what we love doing. Showing the big cities that we can also have it here, in our town. Berwick has so much more to offer than what is sometimes made out to be.

So, I will keep working and learning, challenging my team and go beyond what is expected…. and I hope my boys will understand and just be proud of their working and ever-learning mummy.

Indra x

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