Indra’s blog: Yellow Fields

Yellow Fields

I know how lucky I am, how fortunate, to be living in the beauty that the Borders bring us. Driving up and down to work in Berwick, the landscape still amazes me every single day. But it never gets me as excited as around April/May time when the fields turn yellow from the oilseed rape fields. It starts slowly with a few buds and before you know it, for as far and wide as you can see, there are yellow fields. It is an exciting change of the landscape after the usually dullness of winter (if the world has not been turned into a white blanket, because that does make for beautiful scenery as well). But beside that, there is this extra special meaning to me. When my husband asked me to marry him, he dragged me up one of the local hills very, very early in the morning. It was my birthday and because it was so early I was not awake properly, so I had no clue what he was up to.

While the sun came up, we heard nature come alive and the sun seemed to lit up the beautiful yellow fields making them even more radiant than ever. On that moment, upon that hill, looking out over the fields, we felt top of the world. And he went down on his right knee, out came this beautiful ring and he popped THE question. While we toasted with the champagne that he had brought up earlier that morning, we know we were ready for a new stage in our lives. Six years ago now, but still my heart fills with joy every time the fields start to change and once they turn into their fibrant yellow, my heart jumps and I am back on that hill and hear my Yes again. Pure Magic!


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