Indra’s blog: You are Definitely Still Worth it!

You are Definitely Still Worth it!

Todays blog is for all my lovely patients that are not twenty any more…
As a dentist I get surprised now and again by my patients that feel they are not worth the treatment any more, mainly because of their age. I could have suggested something relating to the aesthetics that could be improved, about having a nice smile, or I would have advised something relating to the health of their dentition. That happened again last week. And the answer of the patient was: “I better not. It’s not worth it. I only have maybe another 10 years to live.”
When it is related to aesthetics I get it. You either are concerned about your looks or not and that is totally fine either way, whether you have 10 or another 60 years of life to go. If you want help, most likely we can find a way to make that happen. If you don’t feel it needs improvement, at least now you know it can be done. Change your mind? We are here.
However when it comes to your oral health, it completely baffles me.
Would you say that about buying a car? Well, I am only going to drive this car for another 10 years, so I don’t think it is worth it…. Or that holiday. Well, this will only last me 8 days of fun, so the money is not really worth it.
This is your health, your ability to eat, to be pain free, to prevent further problems from happening or to exacerbate. 10 years of being able to enjoy your food to me is worth a million. And hey, those 10 years might prove to be 25 or only 4…. we just don’t know.. but to me YOU ARE WORTH IT!

We also see the opposite happening. A patient in her late 70’s that opted for a cosmetic brace treatment. Why not? Every time she looks in the mirror after completion, it makes her happy. It lights up her day. Every day, every smile counts. To her it does, so it does to us!


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