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You, but with Stilettos on

Today was a great example again of how we can influence the lives of our patients in such a positive way. As a true shoe lover I can so resonate with how my patient expressed her feelings towards the treatment she is currently receiving from us.

This patient is a pretty lady, a happy chatter box that has been quite unlucky with previous dental treatment she has received. To put it in her own words; the denture she had to replace her front teeth resembled nothing more than ‘a bit of chewing gum that was stuck on a plate’. We are now halfway into her treatment and we have made temporary replacements for what she had and have also done some building up of teeth that were very much worn down.

The effect is that the work, even though not nearly towards finished, has dramatically changed her face. Away is the ‘old’ look and back is her younger self. Even her husband, a retired dentist, commented on how good it made her look. She then went on to describe: ‘You just don’t realise how much these old teeth influenced you. How they made you feel. It just changes the whole way you look at yourself. These new teeth are amazing. It’s just you, but with stilettos on.’
That so made my day. I feel her words. When you have had a tough day and you are supposed to go out for the evening, but you are tired and worn out and really don’t want to go out any more. Than your friend/husband/partner does manage to convince you to come along. You quietly put your nice dress on, make-up to conceal whatever you can conceal to make it better, but you are never really ready until you get your high heels out. It makes you feel like a sexy woman, you stand tall, you are present. That’s how we like our patients to feel; Like you can concur the world again! You, but with stilettos on…. Every second of every day!

Indra x

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