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Zombie Mama

You age. That is what happens when you get older. I can’t complain though (most of the time) as I don’t seem to show it off too badly. Even though my little boys give me regularly a short night, little ones do, but mine seem to have taken it to new levels apparently. I often get asked how I do that; Look rested and not like a zombie mama. The answer is quite simple: the combination of a good set of genes, not too much make-up, good skin products (Arbonne), especially for the sun, fortunately no urge to smoke in any way or form and lately a bit of botulinum toxin seem to do the trick for me. The last bit seems to surprise friends, family and my lovely patients when they hear this. Why? Firstly, because I am open about it, not secretive nor ashamed and don’t avoid the subject. Which is not hard to do, as I don’t feel there should be a stigma on it. Your hair turns grey, you die it, so why not iron out some wrinkles? Exactly the same thing in my eyes. You both have to redo it to keep the momentum going. Secondly, it brings them to their next question usually, but why, you don’t need that? Exactly! That’s why. With all good things in life, prevention is key. Brush teeth to avoid cavities and periodontal problems. Sport to stay fit. And yes, treat yourself to a bit of a muscle relaxer before gravity takes its toll real time. You have to stay ahead of the game. It really is that simple. And if you already have some (or more) wrinkles that you would like to get rid of, we can do that too for you. To a certain extent that is. I think the most important thing is to make sure it looks natural as not everybody is as open about their love of botulinum toxin or dermal fillers as I am. We pride ourselves on the work we do at our clinic and it is up to our patients (with my professional advice obviously) how far they like to go. Personally, I still like to be able to move my eyebrows and get a facial expression, and other people like their lips to be the plumpiest in town, everybody is different.

However when someone returns after a little make-over and tells us that they got a ‘you look very rested’ or ‘but you don’t look that old!’ I know I did my job well. It really is the best compliment to the work we do. Not too obvious, but clear enough to make a difference. What I am just trying to say is, the key for me is, that facial aesthetics can lift you up that little bit (or a lot) to give you your confidence back and a smile on your face. Brings us back to our aim: Make our patients smile! And if we can do that with de covering blanket of ‘I am going to see the dentist’ nobody needs to know if you don’t want them to. 

Interested or curious? We have a Facial Aesthetics open evening on Thursday the 11th of May again. Doors open at 18.30 hours and I will do a live demo (always too many volunteers for that one hahaha) around 19.00 hours. You can have a confidential chat with me if you like and see how I can help. There is more going on on the night, so check out our Facebook.
We offer free facial aesthetic consultations on most days anyway.  

To looking younger and ageing with grace!


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